Saturday, October 30, 2021

 "The author has a natural gift for crafting a well-thought out story and developing positive, memorable characters that stay with you and tells a message that is important for all to hear."

 "A compelling read, and one that will definitely take you by surprise and make you think, even long after you've finished reading it. Frank Drury infuses a unique blend of family, drama, angst, emotions, and shocking twists."   Goodreads

 "A deftly crafted and original many-layered novel that is very highly recommended. A chilling but inherently fascinating read that holds the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end.Midwest Book Review July 2015

"The author is a gifted storyteller!"   Writer's Digest 

 "Random Shootings is a great read; a straight shooter,which is why I am so fond and appreciative of this wonderful novel. It is a raw, honest, and captivating read!"
By Melanie L. Hutter Amazon

 "The author wasn't preachy or judgmental about the issue, but showed both sides. His writing style flows nicely and is easy to get lost in."    Shelfari

 "Chilling and feels all too real when you consider the number of deaths due to guns that occur each day.   Drury's thoughtful and well-written work infuses real life to those statistics."  Readers Favorite

 "It's rare that a book can so poignantly capture the whole landscape of the issue at hand, and also put it into context with the emotional ramifications and consequences."    Indie Book Reviewers