Monday, June 8, 2015

A few reviews for A DREAM AWAY

Dobs and Nikki, reunited through Facebook after being apart for thirty years, are living happily in Laguna Beach, California with Nikki’s two adopted teenage daughters, Allison and Jamie. Suddenly, fifteen year old Allison’s birth mother appears at their front door and demands to have her daughter back. She had given her up for adoption fifteen years earlier. But now, ravaged with severe bipolar disorder, she wants her back at any cost. She attempts to have Nikki killed, thinking it would then be easier to get her back. She then takes Allison on a harrowing trip up to Washington State to meet her real birth father. Finally, through much struggle, Allison is back with her adoptive parents and foster sister after having experienced the strange world of her birth parents.

Review from Readers' Favorite
"This plot successfully shines much needed light upon a subject few understand. He accomplished this without sacrificing entertainment, suspense and romance. Drury brings together several subplots that are very important in today’s society: the struggles of a parent of an adopted child, the struggles of the child to come to terms with being given up for adoption, the emotional stress of the birth parents and most importantly the nightmare of dealing with a person suffering from bipolar disorder. Until you have dealt with a person suffering from this debilitating disorder you cannot fully understand the pain of loving someone with this condition."                  

                                      Barnes and Noble Reader Review
     "A Dream Away by Frank Drury is about many things but is ultimately the story of four people on a metaphorical and literal journey to become a real family and what they must endure to complete that journey. Interspersed throughout the narrative is a character who works against them and provides the suspense that keeps the reader in a state of uncertain anxiety about the family's safety and the strength of the ties that bind its members. Finally, the narrative clips along at such a lively pace that the reader will not welcome real life interruptions. It is a very good read."

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Bipolar disorder is a difficult subject to tackle in a novel but is handled here very well which must have been the result of extensive research if not first hand experience. There is romance in here as well as the harrowing split family aspect that makes up the hook at the base of the plot. A bit of a tear jerker at times but lots of depth and emotion rather than overused clich├ęs. It is well plotted and even better put together. I’ll be recommending to my friends.

on July 27, 2015
Never to be one to stray from a challenge Frank Drury gives us another controversial novel, this time taking on mental illness and the breakdown of families in the riveting A Dream Away. This will definitely have you examining your own thoughts and sensibilities on the matters at hand and the intricate way the plot twists and turns. I was practically glued to the chair as I flipped through the chapters. A hard one to put down once you pick it up, so make sure you have a gap in your schedule before you start.
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