Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reviews for RANDOM SHOOTINGS from Amazon United Kingdom readers!

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Wow, this was a really dark and really powerful book. It seems that everybody has an opinion on gun laws and gun control nowadays but I don't think anybody can deny the validity of the story in Random Shootings and how the situations that come into play could affect any family in just these ways. Perhaps outcomes like these are few and far between, but no-one could claim they are unrealistic. I'd totally recommend this book for those who like their fiction controversial and hard-hitting. Awesome book!

By Mookoomoo on 22 April 2015
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I was unsure what to make of Random Shootings as I first began reading it. Sometimes writer’s can attempt controversy just to gain headlines and I thought to begin with that may be what this was. But after a few chapters I realised that this is in fact a very good book. Perhaps not one I would ordinarily go for but I’m certainly glad I took a chance on it. The plot is well thought out and the characters are believable in a way that makes you sympathetic to their journey and plight. I will definitely be looking out for more by Frank Drury and I say to others to give this a try too.

By Gemma on 22 April 2015
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Gun Violence, particularly in the US, is a hot topic at the moment, with random shootings both by police and the public, causing widespread devastation. Frank Drury, gives us the family perspective of gun violence in the brilliant, and current novel 'Random Shootings', pointing out that the moment someone picks up a gun, things can be changed forever. It's dark, disturbing, but so very real - maybe the true horror story for the world we now live in.
By Rosey on 21 April 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Random Shootings in an exciting and also at times a pretty dark read. The story revolves around husband and wife John and Diana Watson, their home life, career life and what happens after they come to adopt two children. An all round interesting take on how tragedies surrounding gun violence can creep into any life at any time. A very involving, intricate and moving story.

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